I am a huge dreamer and a huge believer in the ability to accomplishing one’s dreams. I always have been. However, life doesn’t ever quite seem to turn out the way you dream it would. Life happens and dreams sometimes get trampled.

For me, illness stuck, loss hit, depression lingered, a man’s crimes traumatized my body and my soul. Sometimes I felt like giving up because the pain seemed unbearable. But I’m not one to sit back and let life defeat me. Not that it hasn’t tried.

I’m not a quitter. I’ve traveled quite a distance on my road to recovery. I’m well on my way to recovering from years of depression and physical illness. And it is my hope that my experiences and my life’s lessons could help perhaps someone else.

You see, I am a dreamer.

  • I dream of inspiring more people.
  • I dream of helping others make a bigger impact in this world.
  • I dream of helping people overcome roadblocks that stand in their way.

For me, part of the purpose in blogging is..

  • To inspire others who are traveling down the road of recovery.
  • To inspire others to reach for the best within themselves.
  • To inspire others to dream.
  • To inspire others to take action and act upon those dreams.
  • To inspire others to plan a way to achieve a dream lifestyle.
  • To inspire others to believe in themselves and their abilities.

So if you are recovering from depression, recovering from illness, recovering from loss, or recovering from trauma perhaps the tips I share here will help you journey to a better place.

If you’re not, perhaps you’d like to follow a triumphant spirit along her journey. You’ll probably gain new insights, gather a few success principles, or at least get a few gentle reminders as you journey with me.

As we journey together I hope my website will inspire some to Chart Their Course and Dream ~ Act ~ Plan and Believe. It is my hope that you will reach for your dreams.

Because in my opinion,

If You’re Not Chasing Your Dreams You’re Already Dead. 

Here’s a little inspiration to get you started:

It’s Never too Late to Chase your Dreams by Steve Mazan.


Here’s are few things I really enjoyed in his message:

  • Let other people know what your dream is.
  • Get help.
  • Get on with the art of living.
  • Dreams need to be fed.
  • A dream is something you do.
  • If you’re not chasing your dream you’re already dead.

How about you?

  • Have you stopped chasing your dreams?
  • Have you left a dream behind?
  • Have you set your dreams and passions aside?
  • What can you do to feed your dreams?

Chart Your Course: Dream, Act, Plan, Believe In Your Dreams


Leisa Watkins

Leisa Watkins is the founder of Cultivating Health, Happiness and Joy. She believes life is meant to be enjoyed and experienced in abundance. She is on a mission to help people break through barriers and avoid roadblocks in life while creating a life they love. She also shares tips on getting more out of life, despite it's challenges on our Instagram channel. Please follow us.


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