I have many ice cream memories growing up. Sunday night ice cream as a family. Grandpa Bruvold stocking the freezer with ice cream when ever we came to visit.  A few ice cream traditions have evolved with my children. The Creamery in Beaver, Utah is one of them. Stopping at The Creamery has become a souther Utah road trip tradition.

Now I rarely eat ice cream. After all, it contributes to inflammation. And it is nowhere on the list of foods to eat when one has autoimmune conditions. But I now have ice cream occasionally as it adds to my happiness factor. Well, I take that back. I have not had any dairy in months as it can contribute to MS.  But next time we pass by Beaver I may just have some.  At least, I will be very tempted. I generally save my ice cream splurge for vacations and make it a destination thing. Particularly on trips on I-15 in Southern Utah and stays in Park City where we go to the Java Cow. Stopping at The Creamery has become a road trip tradition.

When we first stopped here, years ago, it was so well hidden that you likely heard about it from a friend. And back then the internet didn’t have many articles like this one to assist one in finding these hidden gems. At that time, The Creamery was housed in a tiny corner of the Dairy Farmers of America building plant. built it in 1952. The plant and store were built by local farmers so they could provide cheese to the local community. The creamery is still owned by local family farm-owners. But now they have a nice big building that is pretty easy to see off the freeway. Though it still helps to have an introduction by a friend.


My sister and her family have taken this route many times and did even realize The Creamery was there. She learned about it on our drive to our sister’s Zions National Park vacation when I told her we had to stop because “it is tradition” to stop when driving that route. She gave the ice cream rave reviews and felt a bit of regret that they had been missing out on the treat so many times over the years.

I told myself I was going to go with something different this time. But then my taste buds reminded me about how much they love butter pecan and the taste buds won. I got the butter pecan for my bottom scoop (so it was the last favor I had). For my second scoop, I landed on the Coconut Castaway. Almond Joys are one of my favorite treats so the Coconut Castaway sounded fantastic. It is coconut ice cream with a coconut cream swirl, chocolate chunks, and almond pieces. Yum! It is my be my new favorite. So, so yummy – at least yummy if you like coconut like I do.

Sugar cones are what I prefer – with a double scoop of ice cream. But that was not an option this time due to COVID-19. They were only serving it in cups.

I do wish they had a sorbet or something available to those who really can’t have dairy. I get it. The store is owned by dairy farmers. But not everyone in our family can have dairy.

Other Things to Do at The Creamery

Pick Up Some Gifts for Yourself or Someone Else

The gift shop features country goods.

Grab a Quick Lunch

You can grab a quick meal at the Creamery Kitchen where they highlight their locally made cheeses. I haven’t done that yet. But someday I want to try the Mac and Cheese or the deep-fried cheese curds.

Stock Up on Snacks or Other Eats

Pick up some cheese, crackers, jams, or other spreads. On this trip, I purchased a block of green onion cheese that we used on several meals during the week.

Cheese Tasting

Normally they have a cheese tasting station. But it was closed during the COVID pandemic.  I missed it. 

Entertain the Kids

The kids can be entertained for a bit in the kid’s station where they can learn about how a dairy works and how to milk a cow.  (Closed during the COVID pandemic).

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