Chronic illness, trauma, or other life challenges may appear to obstruct the path to living your best life, but they don’t have to.

Certainly, your plans may have been uprooted, but your life has the potential to transcend the ordinary. You can cultivate an exceptional life, despite the challenges you may encounter.


You are much more than your condition, your trauma, or your failures. Countless opportunities for joy, purpose, and fulfillment still await you. With the right mindset, systems, healing, and support, you can cultivate an exceptional life that is uniquely yours.

Hello! I’m Leisa.

I’ve become adept at handling those transitions. After all, I’ve had plenty of practice. You could say getting through tough times is my superpower.

A short time ago, my daughter and I were finally starting to recover from an automobile accident. Someone, traveling at over 90 miles per hour, was more focused on their phone than the traffic signals. He slammed into our car, forever changing our world. And just when we thought we were adjusting, our world changed once again.

My husband was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer. Three days later, I received a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, adding to several chronic illnesses and the PTSD I had been grappling with for years. During that same week, our daughter was hospitalized.

By then, I was no stranger to tough times and took these challenges in stride. You see, in our home, we confront nearly 30 diseases daily. I’ve lived with Epstein Barr, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lyme Disease, Dysautonomia, Ether-Dahlors Syndrome, multiple sclerosis, and more. In addition to health-related issues, I’ve faced bankruptcy, rape, stalking, three automobile accidents, the loss of pregnancies (nine of them), and assisted my family in navigating their own challenges.

Life can present us with various obstacles and hurdles. I firmly believe that with the right mindset, strategies, and support, you can thrive and create a fulfilling life. I am on a mission to help you cultivate an exceptional life despite the challenges on your path. I share stories from my life, promising research about various chronic illnesses, information on how I navigate through difficulties, and my quest to cultivate an exceptional life – despite the trials life throws our way.

Let’s Cultivate an Exceptional Life

But, what does it mean to Cultivate An Exceptional Life?

Cultivate: to foster the growth of

Exceptional: better than average

To cultivate an exceptional life is to foster the growth of a life better than the average.

It means that when life beats you up, when tragedy strikes, when autoimmune illnesses play havoc with your life, you decide not to take the average road. You give up the mundane, fall-on-your-face, “this is going to break me” attitude and instead decide to take steps to make your life better than average.

The journey through life can be difficult but still rewarding, I promise.

Are you ready to overcome challenges, unlock your potential, and create a life that is truly exceptional?

Join Leisa Watkins and let’s embark on this empowering journey together.
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Chronic Strong: Thriving With Chronic illness

I also have a section of our site dedicated to providing support, information, and resources for individuals living with chronic illnesses.